Dogs and cats develop dental disease just like people do.  Regular dental check ups during your pet’s annual exam, regular teeth cleanings, and at home dental care are vital to your pet’s dental health and overall well-being.  Dental disease left untreated can cause pain, foul odor, infection, and difficulty eating.

Pet dentistry Philadelphia PA

During your pet’s check up Dr. Patten will do an oral exam to identify any dental disease such as gingivitis, calculus, fractured teeth, jaw misalignment, or oral masses.  If your pet requires a dental cleaning he or she will receive a full oral/dental exam while under anesthesia, teeth cleaning, polishing, and extraction of diseased teeth.  Dr. Patten can also remove any oral masses.  She has extensive experience with dental cleanings and oral surgeries.  All recommended treatments and procedures will be thoroughly reviewed with you.  If needed, some pets may go home with antibiotics, pain medication, and an at home dental care kit.

pet dentistry Philadelphia
Dog dentistry Philadelphia